Integration Tool

One of the outcomes from this project is the combination of three different models into a single framework which can be used to simulate the passenger flows across the different levels. The details about the interactions between the three models are described in Deliverable 3.4, from Task 3.4, but a short summary is provided below.

The models aren’t integrated as such, but have been designed such that they can talk to each other. On one side the pedestrian hub and PT urban model communicate, and on the other hand the train regional and PT urban model communicate. This communication is handled by a java program, the integration tool. Nearly everything needed to run the integration tool and the models is available in this GitHub repository. The only element which needs to be added is Gurobi. The version which has been used to develop the regional model is version 6.5.1. The license is available for free for academic institutes.

The data for the common case study is also contained in the repository. The case study covers the Netherlands for the regional model, Den Haag for the urban model and the Den Haag central station for the hub model. The setup is already done and the integration tool should work out of the box for this common case study.

The integration tool is responsible for running the different models and producing the output. The tool’s user interface can be opened simply by running the java executable.